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Carter City Elementary is located in Carter City, Kentucky. We are one of six elementary schools in Carter County. Our colors are blue and white and our mascot is the wildcat.


Please Read!

  • Special education notice of destruction of records will be published in the Grayson and Olive Hill papers and announced on the radio for the next 4 weeks. It has been added to the district web page and I am asking each school to post it once a week for the next 4 weeks.  This notice is informing parents and students that special education folders of students who graduated prior to 2014 will be destroyed. Jennifer will send you a copy of the the notice.

  • Students or parents (with proof of guardianship) can pick folders up prior to their destruction on Feb. 13, 2019.  They must sign a form indicating they received the folder.  Jennifer will be emailing that form to you. Please remember these are only folders of students that graduated in 2014 or before.  All other folders must be kept!

  • Students that have exited services, were evaluated and didn't place or that have moved out of district prior to graduation will have a different process:

    1. If the child is still in your building then a letter of destruction of records (special education teachers have those forms) needs to be signed by the parent and attached to the outside of the "dead" folder. The folder should then be placed with the cumulative folder and will follow the child through until graduation.

    2. If there is a “dead” folder at an elementary or middle school of a child that is still in our district, but has moved on to the next school and has not graduated, please  send it to Nicki or Jennifer at the board office.  We will get it placed with the child’s current cumulative folder.

    3.  If you have a “dead” folder at an elementary or middle school level and that student's expected graduation date has passed, send it separately to Nicki or Jennifer. We will have those records destroyed.

  • Please call with any questions about this.  I know it is confusing!


  1. Records will be destroyed annually from this point forward.  Special education teachers were given a destruction of records notice at the beginning of school.  It should be signed at each initial evaluation and all annual review meetings.  This form should be kept in the current IEP folder. If a student moves or tests out, it is the responsibility of the folder manager to pull that form, attach it to the front of the folder and file it with the cumulative folder. I will review this process with the special education staff on Jan. 23 and it should be followed from that point forward.


13321 State Route 2

Grayson, KY 41143   

Tel: 606-474-6696 Ext.21900

Fax: 606-474-2044    



I wanted to share in our celebration! Covid19 is limiting us in celebration activities and sharing in this HUGE achievement for our school. If you see any of our students or staff, congratulate them on their success! Only 5 schools in the state of Kentucky received this honor and only 357 in the nation!
Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Carter City
The Needs Assessment for Schools Carter City Due Nov 1
School Assurances 10/21/22
 Executive Summary for Carter City
 Continuous Improvement Diagnostic for Carter City
Professional Development Plan for Districts

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